MOSES Pipe CUT is your tool if you want to create robot programs for cutting and welding tasks on pipes or vessels quickly and easily offline. These are usually holes with weld edge preparation. The module supports all common seam types: HV, HY, HK.

In vessel construction you are mostly dealing with small batch sizes. Here, you need a flexible programming tool that generates the complete program code for your individual robot system fully automatic. By means of minimal input of parameters, the operator defines the position and orientation of holes for welding in nozzles later. These parameters can also be transferred via interfaces. All technological parameters (plasma, oxyfuel, laser) are inserted into the program fully automatic in the background, depending on the cutting depth and the angle to the surface. The user benefits from various integrated measurement options (tactile or laser), which adapt the ideal CAD model to the part with tolerances. In this way, very high accuracies are achieved.

Especially for plasma cutting of very large workpieces and cutouts, a measurement of the contour is mandatory.

Tangential nozzles can be calculated and cut with MOSES Pipe without any problems as well. Here, the limits of the cutting technology are quickly reached and the bevel angle to the vessel must be adjusted accordingly all around by the software to ensure safe and clean cuttability.

Special geometries, such as holes for hand hole lock and manholes, are implemented in MOSES Pipe, as is the application of various markings for pipe axes, reference marks or the marking of positions of attachments.

With MOSES Pipe CUT, however, special cuts can also be made on pipes. These are primarily contour cuts on nozzles, miter cuts with chamfer or special connections in pipeline construction.

Your cut is not included? We also implement customer-specific cuts. Feel free to contact us if you need a robot program for a special individual cut shape according to your specifications!